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I may not update frequently or consistently... but I'll try to get new stuff up when I can. In the mean time, look at what's up now and comment, please!



James held his little daughter, who could only be distinguished from her twin brother by the reddish wisp of hair on the top of her head, and bounced her around, murmuring quiet words to her. He started up the stairs, and was just about halfway when there was a bang on the door.
Nearly falling back down the stairs, he accidentally tossed his daughter up them. She fell on a pair of boots he’d been meaning to unmagic for weeks after his trip to his best friend Cheryl’s.
The door burst open, and in a swirl of black robes Lord Voldemort was upon him. “Lily, take Harry and go! It’s him! Go! Run! I’ll hold him off-” he yelled.
Upstairs, Lily was scrambling to find a place to hide Harry. What had happened to Elena, she didn’t know and could only hope her daughter was safe somewhere.
The door slammed open, and there he was, robes swirling in the late summer air.
“Not Harry, not Harry, please, not Harry!”
What could be called Voldemort’s mouth split into an insane grin. “Stand aside you silly girl…” His “s”es hissed like a snake’s. “Stand aside now.”
“Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead-”
His dark form crept closer and Lily shrieked.
“Not Harry! Please… have mercy… have mercy-”
Lord Voldemort let out a high-pitched, rasping laugh. Lowering his wand to her, the end of his wand began to glow green. “AVADRA KEDAVRA!”
Sun and Moon prologue
He was the Boy Who Lived, and she was Elena Johnson, the girl who transferred to Hogwarts before her third year. When she begins her schooling in the UK, she meets the prophesied boy and her life totally changes.

I own nothing but Elena and other OCs. All else belongs to various headcanons and J.K. Rowling.
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Call me Nyx, please.
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Hey guys, it's Nyx

A devoted writer, I find inspiration everywhere and with anything. I currently have several stories going and will update as fast as I can.
I'm a fan of several fandoms, and I'll comment as much as I can.

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